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Smart Waste Western Cape has worked with YWaste since 2019. We have found them to be consistently reliable, innovative and knowledgeable about organic waste. The service they provide is reasonably priced, so we would recommend them to anyone in need of organic waste service."

Reg Barichiecy

Smart Waste

We are so glad we found Ywaste, as now you get compost from our coffee waste. 

Pieter Bloem

Bootlegger Coffee Company

The quantity, quality, and pricing they offer us make Feed The Soil a wonderful success and we are very happy that Ywaste has been our composting partner since the program's inception. With over 13 tons of compost already generated and another 16 tons in production, I can proudly say that together we bring hope and growth to the farmers we work with.

Danielle Diliberto

Ladles of Love

In February 2011, Ywaste introduced us to the bokashi method and initiated the collection of our food waste. This was mainly in response to our previous waste disposal contractor informing us that they could no longer remove our wet food waste from our premises. Furthermore, the pig farmer could no longer collect food waste that contained protein or had come into contact with humans. The unpleasant odours in the waste room were also a concern, and the implementation of the bokashi process helped to mitigate this issue. 

Chris Van Zyl


We are conscious disruptors of the waste management industry.

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