Food Waste Management Solutions

How we do it


Ywaste specialises in Food Waste Management Consulting. Our services include waste management consulting and package waste separation, food grade bin rentals, electronic data capturing and safety disposal certificates. In addition, we offer various on-site and off-site services, like Bokashi composting (explored in greater details in the Bokashi composting page) and training in the use of Food Waste Management technology. Ywaste is a black owned, BBBEE Level 1 company. Our focus on effective and responsible management of food waste and conversion of food waste to compost reduces the contribution which food waste makes to landfill proliferation and enables the replenishment of the soil, which in turn, leads to a better world. Our 2-bin recycling system is unique. Mixed recyclables that are unable to be separated on site are collected and separated at our plant. This eliminates common problems, such as: limited space, time wasted and the cost of purchasing multiple bins. Our BEE Status is Level 1 – 135% Procurement.


Ywaste specializes in Food Waste Management, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to turn wasted food back into compost. Our service offering is available to both the formal and informal sectors, where we specialize in the commercial, retail, hospitality and residential markets.

      Our Waste Management Services include:
  • On-site and Off-site Waste Management Service
  • Food grade bin rentals
  • Collection Services of both Organics and Dry Waste
  • Drop Off Facility
  • Data and Analysis
  • Safety Disposal Certificate
  • Waste Characterisation Reporting
  • Compost Supply Services
      Our Consulting Services Include:
  • Characterisation of Informal and Formal Sectors
  • Waste Profiling and Diagnostics
  • Waste Minimization
  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

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“Eight years of excellence sets us apart” – Emile Fourie, Co-Founder, Ywaste