Bokashi Composting

The methodology

Ywaste makes use of Bokashi composting, a tried-and-tested method that is friendly to the environment. The word is derived from an ancient Japanese method of farming, which involved covering food waste with rich soil that contained the organisms to ferment the waste. After a few weeks, the farmers would bury the waste.

Ywaste diverts waste from landfill by making use of an eco-friendly methodology for the management of waste. We do both off-site and on-site composting, and re-use previously wasted resources in the process, converting them into products than can generate income in secondary markets.

In 2017 we proved that our compost improves soil health, which results in the following benefits:

    • Reduced farming operating costs
    • Healthy soil absorbs and retains more water
  • Produces better quality crop


“Bokashi composting is an eco-friendly and smart method of converting waste into reusable products.” – Avril Fourie, Co-founder, Ywaste.

Why Bokashi?

Bokashi composting is the most sustainable and eco-friendly food waste management method

  • By diverting waste from landfill, we reduce the impact on the environment
  • Our composting method ferments wasted food that can be re-used in the secondary market
  • Bokashi composting is versatile and can be done on or off-site
  • Our service is available to all generators of waste looking to avoid landfill